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Advantages of the Puls-air heating system

Advantages of the Puls-air heating system

1) Save money:

The Puls-air heating devices help you to safe up to 50 % of your current heating costs (proved from an amount of our customers). The pulsating combustion is that economic, that you’ll quickly refinance the asset costs of our quality product.

You also have hardly no costs for installing or servicing our heating devices because of our simple plug and play system and the completely grime free burning.

Puls-air also saves money and heating costs because our divices are placed on the ground of the room you want to heat, different as an overhead radiation heating system, which have to spend a lot of energy to move the lighter warm air to the bottom of the rooms. Our heating devices heat there, where the working people are and not the roof of your room. The result of the ground-placed Puls-air heating: Never work with cold feed again & save energy.

2) Treat gently to environment and human:

Puls-air heating system is also environment friendly because of its innovative pulsating combustion with a degree of efficiency of 93 %. We produce hardly no emissions and heat very energy and heating oil saving, what makes Puls-air to a very environmentally friendly heating system.

3) Quiet run, no dust disperses:

Break off with bothersome heating noises and dust disperses: Puls-air heating devices are developed to run very silent and pleasant.

Because of special developed ventilator leaves and on optimal air speed of the leaving air there will be no dust disperses with puls-air

4) Heat convenient:

Little storage space: Your Puls-air heater need only hardly 1 m² storage place on the bottom of your room because of the compact construction.

Stay mobile: If you want to move to another room or garage you can easily carry your Puls-air heating device with you. Removing works as fast as installing your heating device.

Solid & and guaranty Made in Austria: We develop and produce 100 % in Austria. We give 2 years guarantee on our devices, for burner and heat-exchange-unity you get 3 years guarantee.

5) No extra funnel necessary:

A big advantage to other heating systems. There’s no extra funnel necessary to start running Puls-air. The exhaust system is made with a 35 mm stainless steel pipe, which is moved outside of the room through the wall or with an 90 ° bow through the top of your room. All installing informations and Links you get if you click here.