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Puls-air heating systems

Highly efficient and energy safing heating system for halls and garages

The most economic heating device for all industrial establishmens.

  • Pleasant warm air near the floor
  • Smell free, silent and economic run with heating oil extra light
  • Excellent warm-air distribution
  • The lowest emissions and the highest degree of efficiency worldwide
  • Delivered ready for heating, plug and heat
  • Two power stages on each device
  • Connectable with existing tank
  • No additional chimney necessary, exhaust system is a 35mm stainless-steel pipe.
  • Heat two seperate rooms
  • Awarded with the "Bavarian nations award"


Save up to 50 % heatingcosts:

Puls-air makes it possible!

Never work with cold feet again: Puls-air heating system makes it possible. Our heating devices distribute the warm air in an optimum way, so that the working temperature is always pleasant however the temperature outside is mild or freezing. 

Our mobile oil heaters only take a storage space from just 1 m² and run with an extremely high degree of efficiency of 93 %. This is environmental friendly and safes a up to 50 % of your heating costs.

The installation of our heating devises is very simple and possible without the help of an additional technician.

Puls-air warms the room where it should be warm and this is on the ground where people are working. Our heating device always has to be placed on the ground of the room you want to heat because we use the roller effect. Furthermore we guaranty that you'll never have cold feed during working.

Pulsating combustion:

With our special combustions system, we reach a degree of efficiency like it hasn’t been there before. Our degree of efficiency is up to 93 %, this helps our customers to save up to 50 % of there heating costs with Puls-air. We provide an innovative and economic solution to warm halls, garages or country sites.

Perfect heating for construction site: 

The advantages of the Puls-air heating system are also implementable at the construction site. The constant heat distribution helps you to get better result. The time your site needs to get dry reduces and the jobs in the house run faster. Additionally, generates Puls-air a warm working atmosphere on cold days: your brick layer or painter will thank you! Furthermore, the low wastage helps you to save money.

Our Model Construction Industry is specially developed for the harder conditions on the site. Increased border, a special carry handle system and serially steering wheels simplify the transport 

Using cases:

Puls-air is an optimum solution for the following rooms:

  • Halls
  • Garages
  • Tents
  • Country sites
  • Winter Gardens
  • Ski hats

Should your have a room that is bigger thang 1500 m³, is it possible to use 2 or more devices. The Puls-air heaters work together perfectly: For this case we have a good reference from Diesel Nonn --> watch it out!

Awarded with the nations award:

Our innovative heating device got the “Bavarian nations award for special performance in Technik and handcraft” and the “Austrian nations award for energy research and environment.” Our development and production is 100 % in Austria.

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