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Model Standard

Basic Data:
  • Full power stage: 17,5 kW = 1,55 kg heating oil/hour
  • Saver power stage: 13 kW = 1,1 kg heating oil/hour
  • Air performance: 1850 m³ heating air/h with ca. 45 degrees
  • Dimensions: length: 750 mm, width: 550 mm, height: 950 mm
  • Weight: 75 kg

Status: in stock

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Delivery to Germany & Italy 90,00 € excl. tax

Delivery to Swiss 195,00 € excl. tax.

Single price: € 5300.00
Monthly leasing rate: € 123.72
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Model Standard:

The standard device from Puls-air oil heating systems has two power stages. One full power stage for rooms up to 600 m³ and one oil saving stage for rooms up to 400 m³. If you want to heat a hall up to 600m³ efficient and cost saving, then is the Puls-air model standard the best choice for your hall, garage etc. 

Convince yourself:

Puls-air heating devices persuade with a silent running tone, mobility, low service costs, efficiency and innovatively. Our devices are the most efficient and energy saving on the market. Our pulsating combustion makes it possible. Furthermore we are graduated with the “Bavarian Nations award for special technik performance in handcraft."

This award only gets one company per year and we are very proud to be owner of this award.

References submit our quality:

Look at our references  site. There you can see a lot of customer reports, feedbacks and customer voices which will confirm the performance of our heating system for you!