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Implementing the Puls-air heating system

Variation 1: Stationary (fix) mode:

Exhaust system = 35 mm stainless steel pipe (like mentioned in the instruction book) across the roof to the outside.

  1. Place your Puls-air on the groud of the room you want to heat
  2. Keep 30 cm distance to walls
  3. Weld 90 ° bow on the device (35 mm cross section dimension)
  4. Make an 8 mm hole at the bottom of the bow
  5. Weld an 8 mm pipe on the hole and continue it with a plastic pipe into a half full tank with water.
  6. Lead the exhaust with a 35 mm to through the roof in the outside. There is no further funnel necessary, the stainless-steel pipe is the funnel. (TÜF certified)
  7. Optional: if you want to press the funnel instead of welding it the seal have to resist a temperature of at least 150 degrees.
  8. Maximum length of the exhaust system: 13 meters
  9. Connect with electricity (230 Volt)
  10. Fill up the green oil tank with heating oil or diesel
  11. Start device (Green button)
  12. We recommend you to connect the Puls-air heating system with a bigger heating oil tank. The Puls-air and the oil tank must be connected with an 8 mm copper pipe. For professional installation this connection has to be made from your heating engineer.

Up to these links you can order pipes and bows for your exhausting sytem:

35mm pipe:

Bow 90°:

Bow 45°:



Variation 2: Mobile mode 

To use our devices on mobile mode please follow these steps:

  1. Place your Puls-air on the ground of the room you want to warm
  2. Connect your device with electricity (230 Volt)
  3. Lead the exhaust on the outside with a pipe that has 35 mm cross section dimension
  4. The fuel tank should not run out completely  please refill it in time!